A Magical Movie

I recently had the chance to watch a funny, adorable, animated movie by Disney called Encanto. It was created in 2021, runs for about an hour and forty-five minutes, and is rated 4.4 stars.


Encanto is set in Columbia and stars a Latin family with magical gifts and a magical house. The only member of the Madrigal family without a magical gift is fifteen-year-old Mirabel. She feels left out and not special, especially because of all the pressure from her Abuela (which means grandmother in Spanish). Her other siblings feel it too, but Abuela is just worried about the magic candle, which gives and sustains the Madrigal's powers. It is the only thing left from her husband, who died in an attack (on their village when their casita (home) appeared. Abuela doesn’t have evil intentions, but she ends up fighting with Mirabel, and the candle and casita are destroyed. Mirabel leaves the encanto, and Abuela realizes what she’s done. She apologizes, the family is reconciled, the villagers help the Madrigals rebuild their casita, and the powers are restored. Mirabel discovers that she doesn’t need a gift to be special.


I highly recommend this movie to anyone over the age of six who loves adventure. Personally, my favorite character is Mirabel. I generally favor the main characters, but Mirabel is just so loveable and relatable. I also enjoyed Mirabel's emotional older sister, Luisa, and her cousin Camilo. There are some scary scenes in the movie, but it is not too terrifying. I love the catchy songs so much. They envelop my soul and I can’t stop humming them. It is physically impossible to refrain. Some people think that Encanto has too many characters to keep up with, or the storyline is too confusing. I understand, but Encanto is so worth your time and money in most people’s opinions, and it isn’t too miserable. 


Overall, Encanto is cute, uproariously funny, enjoyable, and I feel strongly that it is worth the two hours it takes to watch. Only once in a blue moon is a movie of this high quality created. You won’t regret watching Encanto.