Busch Gardens

In the Big Guava (aka Tampa Bay) resides a world-famous amusingly amusing amusement park called Busch Gardens. It is home to over fifty rides and attractions, including roller coasters, animals, and more! Let’s dig in. 


The breathtakingly spectacular rides, including roller coasters, drop towers, water rides, and more, range from an itty-bitty roller coaster in Busch Gardens’s “Sesame Street Land” with a 36-inch height limit to Falcon’s Fury, a 100+ foot tall drop tower, which drops you upside-down. One particular roller coaster called Cobra’s Curse is very… How should I state it? Scary? Awesome? Nauseating? It spins you around and whips the cart backward and features sudden drops. You can feel the wind blowing against your face and through your hair, your heart is racing and pounding, and at least one person is screaming their head off and soul away. It is awesome, indeed.


The animals at Busch Gardens are captivating and hilarious. At special times during the day, “keeper talks” take place. In the fairly common event of one, the caregiver of an animal is stationed near that animal’s exhibit, talks about it, and shares information and facts. The animals are also enjoyable without the talks, too. Usually, the alligators can be found basking in the sun in plain sight of tourists. I’m impressed that the animals don’t lead depressing lives, given all the tourists they must suffer.


Overall, Busch Gardens is a very exciting yet relaxing trip you won’t regret. So don’t miss the boat! Busch Gardens is the whole nine yards. It is definitely worth your time, and you will surely return home with joyful memories.